Paychecks: Creating for all employees

When you're ready to run your payroll for a group (or all) of your employees, follow these steps.

  1. Go here.
    (Or click the Payday tab.)
  2. If you have more than one pay schedule, choose the one to use. Why would I use more than one pay schedule?
  3. On the Create Paychecks page, select the appropriate Pay Period (when the employees worked) and the Pay Date (the date you want printed on the check or pay stub).
  4. You'll see a list of employees. If a new employee is missing, add the employee.
  5. For each hourly employee, enter hours in the appropriate columns, such as Regular, OT, or Holiday Pay, depending on what you've set up for the employee.
  6. Enter dollar amounts as needed for types of pay such as Commission or Reimbursement.
  7. If you need to review or enter more details than the columns you see, click the Check Details icon for that employee. If you make changes there, click Create, which takes you back to the Create Paychecks page. What if some pay types or deductions are missing?
  8. When you're done filling in hours or dollar amounts for all employees, click Create Paychecks.
  9. On the Approve Paychecks page, be sure to check your work:

    Once you approve paychecks, it's not always easy to correct a mistake. And if you use direct deposit, you can't delete a paycheck once the funds have been transferred. Tell me more about deleting and correcting paychecks.

  10. When you're satisfied with all the paychecks, click Approve. Can I approve ahead of time if I'm using direct deposit?
  11. If this is the first time you're paying your employees, we'll ask you to set up the kind of paper to use when printing paychecks and pay stubs.
  12. Click View & Print.
  13. Choose to save or skip check numbers. What if I want to remove this step from each payroll run?
  14. Click Continue.
  15. If requested, choose whether to export to accounting software. How does exporting work?
  16. If applicable, choose whether to email pay stubs. Sounds interesting! How can I email pay stubs?
  17. View reports or go on to other tasks. You're done until next payday!

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