Bonus: Paying on a regular paycheck

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You have a couple of options when paying employee bonuses:

Which option should I choose?

To pay a bonus on a regular paycheck:

  1. Make sure that you've set up a bonus pay type for the employees and that bonus pay types are set to appear on the Create Paychecks page. Tell me how
  2. Go here.
    (Or click the Payday tab.)
  3. If you have multiple pay schedules, select the pay schedule.
  4. Make sure that Regular Checks is selected and then click Go.
  5. Select the checkbox next to all of the employees you want to include in this payroll.
  6. Enter the bonus amount in the Bonus field.
  7. Click Create Paychecks.
  8. Review the paycheck and then click Approve.
  9. Print paychecks or pay stubs.

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