Washington workers' compensation (file and pay)

  1. Go to your Tax Records tab to get your WA Workers' Comp Worksheet.

    The form will be available to you by the 15th of each month that follows the end of the quarter. For example, for the first quarter (January - March), this form will be available on April 15.

    Look for the form description WA Workers' Comp Worksheet. Click the form name to open the worksheet. To print the worksheet, mouse over the bottom of the worksheet, and then click the print icon.

  2. Review the worksheet for accuracy.

    The rate used on the worksheet is based on the rate(s) currently set in your Intuit Full Service Payroll account. Be sure to review the worksheet for accuracy and use only as a guide when filing your form.

    If you believe there is an error on the form, please contact us immediately.

If you have any additional questions or need payment and filing assistance, please contact Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) by: