Troubleshooting Printing

Is Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed?

To view and print paychecks, forms, and other PDFs from Intuit Online Payroll, you'll need Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

You'll need Adobe Reader 7 or later. You can install the latest version of Adobe Reader for free from the Adobe Reader site.

Is the PDF opening in an Adobe window?

After you open one of our paychecks, forms, or check alignment windows, you should see the Adobe logo in the title bar, like this:

If the PDF is opening within a browser window instead of an Adobe window, try these steps:

Can't see the window at all?

First, make sure the window isn't behind something else on your desktop. Minimize or close windows you're not using to look for an Adobe window, a browser window, or a small window asking for your response.

If the window still isn't opening at all, you may have a popup blocker that's preventing it from opening. Follow the steps for your browser:

Try deleting cookies

If you still have trouble opening the PDF file, you can try deleting your cookies. Follow the steps below for your browser:

Try restarting your computer

After installing new software or changing settings, it's a good practice to restart your computer.



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