Learn about ViewMyPaycheck 2

What happens on March 31, 2014?

It depends on your ViewMyPaycheck access and the QuickBooks product you're using. Effective March 31, 2014, here's what you and your employees can do in ViewMyPaycheck 1 (the original version of ViewMyPaycheck):

What to do next...

Switch to ViewMyPaycheck 2 (the new version) as soon as possible so that you and your employees can continue to use the service without interruption. To do so:

  1. Follow these instructions to turn on ViewMyPaycheck 2 for your company and upload any prior paychecks to ViewMyPaycheck 2.
  2. Provide your employees with this Welcome to ViewMyPaycheck (PDF) enrollment information so they can sign up and start using the new version.

If you've already switched to ViewMyPaycheck 2, then no further action is required at this time.

* Using QuickBooks 2011? Here's what you need to do.